Any jumping tips?,_NS

that’s a link of a video of me hitting a jump, does anyone have any tips on form or speed?

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i don’t know if you can see it or not

I can see it.

I’m not a jumper but looks good to me. :grin:

ok thanks

I’m not a very good jumper either. Looks pretty good to me.

To maximize height you can get low on the bike on the run-in and stand up to press into the face of the jump as you run up it. Ideally land both wheels at the same time when landing to flat. Flat landings are hard on the body. Landing to transition is much easier on bike and body. You could set up a transition (landing ramp) to land on as well as your launch kicker. Of course, on trail you may not have a choice, so being able to launch and land on both flat and transition are good skills to have.

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ok thanks, i tried to make a landing but my tire went through to snow

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Looks pretty good to me. Just remember to stay centered so as not to go over forward or backward.

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If that makes sense.

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it makes sense👍🏻

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Maybe a board over top of the snow to keep the tire from sinking in? I thought that’s what you did for your kicker - can’t see the launch ramp from your video. Using snow to make the jumps is very handy - you can tailor the size of the jump really nicely, but do need some support to keep the tire from sinking. Make sure to round the lip of the landing in case of a “case”. (Casing is coming up short on the landing)

i did end up making a landing with a board over it but it didn’t feel as good as good as i wanted it to so i took it off