Any Softball players here?

I’d like to get back into slo-pitch again this year. Anyone here play?
I know it’s early but I’m looking for a league and team in the HRM that might have opening for a player.
Not looking for anything too competitive, but a step up from the HSSC which seems to mostly focus on the social aspect of sport.


I used to play a lot. Are you looking to play co-ed or men’s? I recommend going to Sportwheels and asking if they have a list of leagues in the area. They are very involved with the Slo-pitch community and they should be able to point you in the right direction in terms of contacting people who might be seeking players. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the info!
I will contact Sportwheels and see if they can give me any direction.
I also don’t care if the league is mens only or co-ed, I just want to play.

You are welcome. If you are looking to play Co-ed the Supercity co-ed league is well established and plays out of Sackville, Bedford, Burnside and Clayton Park. It is a large league and some teams will probably be looking for players. You might also want to do a Facebook search for Nova Scotia Slow pitch, you can post up the type of league you are looking for and someone might have an opening.

There are some excellent leagues all over the HRM so hopefully you will find a team :smile:

I’ll definitely check them out. I also found a Halifax Commons Co-ed Softball league if anyone else is interested in slo-pitch.

I feel better knowing I have a few options for leagues to reach out to, Google didn’t give me much and I never think to search Facebook. I hardly ever use it.