Anybody ever ridden Burntcoat Head

Was looking at the BNS site, and saw there is an XC race scheduled for Burntcoat Head.

I wasn’t even sure I knew where this was and when I checked, it is near Noel, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

I have ridden throughout the province, but have never heard of any MTBing trails in this area. Anyone on here ever ride in the area or know of any trails built up that way???

Was just curious to see what was there…

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I heard a little bit about it, but can’t verify it.

Heard it was short, similar to Irishman’s road in terms of terrain. But certainly, if someone knows for sure, I will defer to them.

I’ve heard of people riding the rocks on the Burntcoat Head shore at low tide.

Yeah, have been there a couple of times but never ridden. Had no idea there were trails but have seen video of people riding the exposed rock when the tide is down.

Time for an expedition? :sunglasses:


I’ve been there a few times but never riding, the main attraction is walking on the ocean floor. Never even bothered to look for trails anywhere else.

Well now, just saw this on the Empire Trails/NovaStrong FB page. Sounds interesting but unfortunately there’s no details. Maybe @MichaelB has some more info?

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Just read this about NovaStrong on their youtube channel: “NovaStrong is a lifestyle brand that promotes active loving through hosting and organizing events, agri-tourism and adventures”

This sounds like an excellent active loving opportunity. But I’d recommend the amorous keep an eye on the tide.


Nice typo.

The ocean floor rock ride is the same day as the XC race on the BNS calendar. Must be the same event.

More info from the [FB event page] ( …

Race the Tide and your friends on the rocks of the ocean floor Sunday, July 30th at 11am!
This new event is called the Burntcoat Head Rock ride and will be a unique event allowing you to experience an amazing location and the beauty of this wild area up close and personal.

Special Pricing:
Youth Early Bird Special: $25
Adult Early Bird Special: $30

Register online @

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Ive rode it many times its fantastic lots of fun lines to find (d.i.y. - kinda find em anywhere you want) just have to watch for the tide is all! Officially the highest tidal range in the world. Worth the trip, and is nearby Gore if you ever ride Empire trails

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