Anyone been to Grey mountain recently?

Hey everyone, Thinking about checking out Grey Mtn this weekend… Anyone been this year or recently ? Have never been and wondering what the trails and conditions may be like…

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Last time I was there was July 28, no obvious concerns on the trails that I could see and it was as fun as I remembered. We didn’t hit every trail, though, and that was almost 3 months ago so things may have changed. Let us know when you’re going, I could be convinced to hit up Grey Mountain again.

Will do sounds like its a good time ! @JOsh and i will let you know when we plan to head down ! Thinking either Sat or Sun !

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I went there a couple of weeks ago, it’s in mint condition! It had been a couple of years since I checked it out and there are some nice new trails, even some flow that pairs nicely with the awesome steep DH stuff there. Check Trail Forks to help navigate.


Awesome, Just what I’m looking for! Nice to know the trails are in good condition :call_me_hand:t2:

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