Anyone ever try skis on a bike?

Picked this up lastnight. Santa cruz bullit with ski kit. Also has foot pegs to replace the crank. Goes in the bb.

I think this would be amazing at martock… anyone have experience with them???

Jeeze ski’s aside you also got a friggen awesome frame :slight_smile: I do recall Aaron fashioned up a front ski for his hardtail and was scooting around lakes last year with great success. He’s up in Iceland right now but when he gets back ask him about it.

Looks pretty cool Mike… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d checked with the hills to see if they’ll allow it.

I don’t know if Martock allows them on the hill. Great frame overall, and there’s got to be somewhere to ride that.

unlikely, if we get snow that sticks around this year maybe you’ll have to hit up the Citadel or some of the other popular sledding hills. Wonder how that thing handles un-groomed snow?

That is cool. Some things to consider…

It sits lower than a wheeled version of the same bike. If you have BB pegs for it, you will effectively be higher up on the bike at the pedals, but not the bars. Might be different, but I’m sure it will be a hoot.

Also, unless the skis have runners like a keel under them, you might find it more like conventional skis, in as much as it only feels really good while you are on the edges. Straight ahead on the flat might be a bit different, but fine still.

I have a ski on the front of an old department store MTB, and it’s way too much fun. Goes anywhere there is snow, handles great, scoots right along, and draws looks. Yours looks like a great down hill rig. Maybe the Keppoch will let these things go down? Would be the ideal spot for it. Also, the Gorge DH trails, The Links, Bedford Gun Range, etc, might be fun if you don’t mind the hike back up. Maybe get some snowshoes for the hike up, and strap them on your back on the way down?