Anyone have a "stupid bike"

I call this my “stupid bike” mostly cause it doesn’t have a strong reason to exist but it sure is fun to look at and ride short distances. Its nothing special, its a Trek steel frame from the mid 90’s. It has brand new brakes and really awesome touring tires i had lying around and a new chain. I made it a single speed cause i had a chain tensioner and didn’t want to source a shifter to go with my old deraillure.

If you want to go fast you have to pedal like a demon, if you want to go up a hill you have to stand up and suffer. Not really a happy in between medium :slight_smile:

I plan on keeping it at the cottage so if my daughter wants to take an adult for a bike ride but we left our bikes at home we’ll always have a zero maintenance backup bike…

We have a old Diamondback X2 that lives with us for no real reason. I’m slowly,very slowly restoring and modernizing it. The fork is blown and the shifters don’t work when it’s cold but the rest is pretty good now.

Now as for real stupid bikes… I once had a mountain fixxie. It was really fun but absolutely pointless. Scary as all hell riding id off road any any grade pointed down. Climbed like a champ however!

was that photo flipped, or are my eyes just f**ked this morning?

The 2nd most awesome thing about that bike is that it’s a mountain fixie. The most awesome is that it’s a mountain fixie with left side drive, dude. Assuming the Scott and Spesh logos weren’t photoshopped after the image was flipped. At first I thought the Mavic logo was mirrored, but it’s not, either.

[attachment=0]2005 Schwinn Cruiser 10 resized.JPG[/attachment]

My absolute, for sure ‘stupid bike’.

That was the read deal. The cog was mounted to the disc mount on the rear hub, instant fixed gear! I could have flipped the wheel over and used a normal right hand drive but thats boring :wink:

Did you use a left side drive crankset or use an alternate method to prevent the pedals from precessing out of the cranks? That would make a descent extra terrifying. :shock:

Na, I just flipped the cranks over. Pedals coming loose never became an issue. I only ran is fixed for a little while. The frames dead now, I bent it some how.