Anyone have info on this print

Came across this. Bought it couldnt leave it. But as always curiosity has me. Any info on the following cant seem to figure out the handwriting.

Terry Rose is a sports painter…who paints cranks backwards.


It is on the wrong side

I had this print in my room as a kid like 25+ years ago. I totally forgot about it but a few weeks ago my Dad asked me if I wanted it. I just asked him where he got it and he said Sears Penhorn mall :smile:

The chainring is on the correct side on mine though:

(Actually I just mirrored the picture lol)


Can’t believe Jim Henson got it wrong.


I don’t know looks right to me?

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I was pretty stoked to find this on wood for 10 bucks. Certainly an addition to my someday bike cave. (Sunroom shop is getting cold!)

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