Anyone up for a ride tomorrow (Saturday)?

I’m busy in the morning, and am planning on heading to the cottage tomorrow afternoon/evening, but could be interested in a ride somewhere. Even a road ride around mount uniacke area would be cool.

Also I’m actually off Monday, so would be up for a ride in the am.

I’d take you on a tour of Irishman’s rd sat afternoon,

Monday am would work too

Monday am would be best for me. I am still working on the to do list for the weekend. I’m thinking doing it all today and having monday free.

Sure, pick a time an I can be there.

Monday AM probably around 10:30 at Irishman’s looks like it would work for me if it works for you guys.

I’m in for 10:30, anyone else, riderx? The main loop is 3km, but there are other trails to mix it up. Bring a spare tube.

Entrance here:±64.064031%C2%B0&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x4b59a699149dec27:0x9e6232cfbc8b2bd6,44.971022%C2%B0±64.064031%C2%B0&ei=KstaUrHFKabl4AOAyICwAw&ved=0CCoQ8gEwAA

I"m in. I’m thinking might be a few from Wolfville way too?

Excellent, see you guys tomorrow. Fair warning, I will slow you down. :slight_smile: