Are more riders getting hurt

At the Quebec singletrack experience race 125 people registered, 15 didn’t make it, 12 of them due to bike related crashes. The organizers said this is unusual. Also the bikers that had to be assisted out of trails in the Quebec area in the last year doubled.
So what is going on? Is it because of the new fast trails that start at the top of big hills and you reach high speeds. These newer bikes are meant to descend faster too.
In Nova Scotia the trails are overall slower, so if you fall you tend to get a bruse but on a fast descend the consequences are much higher if you crash.
Does anyone know of a similar trend in Nova Scotia? Just tossing this out there. Is our sport becoming more dangerous?

Is the sport becoming more dangerous OR is the sport becoming more popular?

More people more crashes.

Another alternative as you said could be the result of modern bikes allowing faster speeds and more dangerous/higher consequence features to be attempted.

Just my 2 cents.

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Would be interesting to see if there was a certain type of injury that was most prevalent or if there were particular “culprit” sections of the trail vs time of day, weather, rider experience etc. at the QSE. Given the duration/popularity of the BCBike race I wonder if they’ve collected any data on this?

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EWS has. Its floating around on here. Remember the EWS has non pro riding as well EWS 100 and EWS 80.