Are motorized bicycles mopeds?

I just found something that may deter many of these motorized bicycles ripping around the streets. I would classify them as mopeds, since a moped has a pedal assist…
Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia’s motor vehicle act, a moped is called a “motor assisted cycle”. This is defined as a

having two tandem wheels each with a rim diameter greater than 10 inches,

having steering handlebars completely constrained from rotating in relation to the axle of one wheel in contact with the ground,

with a wheelbase greater than 40 inches,

with a seat height unladen greater than 28 inches above the level surface on which the vehicle stands,

having an engine not capable of developing more than 5 brake horsepower as measured at the driveshaft,

not capable of maintaining a speed of 40 miles per hour (64 kilometres per hour)when laden.

The bike must be registered, and insured. The plate costs $17.50.

I believe there is an engine size requirement to make them a taxable road vehicle… greater than 50cc maybe?

I’ll ask a guy here at work… he rides one.

They should be required to be 4 stroke as well. The 2 stroke motorized ones are filthy.

I agree…

Hi guys, electric bicycles are considered bicycles under the NS motor vehicle act if it has

  • pedals
  • an electric motor of less than 500W or combustion engine of less than 50cc
  • no power assist above 30km/h on level ground

Here’s how the act defines a bicycle:

© “bicycle” means

(i) a vehicle propelled by human power upon which or in which a person may ride and that has two tandem wheels either of which is 350 millimetres or more in diameter or that has four wheels any two of which are 350 millimetres or more in diameter but does not include a wheelchair, or

(ii) a vehicle propelled by human and mechanical power that is fitted with pedals that are operable at all times to propel the bicycle, that has the same wheel requirements as set out in subclause (i) and that has an attached motor driven by electricity not producing more than 500 watts or with a piston displacement of not more than 50 cubic centimetres and is incapable of providing further assistance when the vehicle attains a speed of thirty kilometres per hour on level

I may have to get me a bike with an engine and resume mountain bike racing next year. :wink: