At it again

The two bridges on the aproach to Suzie Lake have been flipped again. I’ll flip them upright but please use caution when crossing them. The second bridge doesn’t seem near as solid as it was.


WTF? Why would someone do that?

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Thanks for the heads up @Wayners

This day and age, the most likely answer is “cuz it was there”

People suck. We built those bridges solid. It would have required multiple a-holes to flip them upside down. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

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I’m wondering how they got out there. It’s a long hike if you cannot go through the destruction zone.

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The hiking trail behind Kent is still accessible.

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Usually when hiking to the lake you stop at the lake, but yeah that’s likely the entrance they used.

I am concerned that this is going to become the hiking / wilderness community stance out there from now on: Bikers stay out.

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The thought that this was the work of some angry hiker had crossed my mind but it just didn’t look like it. Besides, these bridges could only benefit them as well. I looked around for beer cans or some evidence that it was just a group of punks and didn’t find any, though I suspect that it probably was.
The fact that I could just flip the bridges back up and then safely ride over them shows how well they were built, idiot proof!