Atlantic Enduro Series

Anyone hear how the enduro went at Fitz today?

It was great. The weather was perfect and the trails were fantastic. Didnt see any faces I knew from the HRM area which was surprising. A small contingent from the Valley made the trip, a good number from Nfld and a lot from the local area in Pictou/Antigonish. I rented a chalet, rode both days and got to explore a lot more of the network.

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Good to hear, @JoshM. I hope it was successful enough to keep it going. Sounds like alot of fun.

That is the loop on the other side (up past the wind mills) like?

We rode the singletrack that starts at the top of the hill at the Windmills and spits you out onto the Millsville Rd.
Trailforks lists it as “Cape to Cape trail - Windmills to Millsville”

I was able to ride it once the day before the race, and then again on race day during the timed stages. It’s got some great and fast wide open singletrack, with a good mix of roots and steeper sections with switchbacks and punchy climbs to keep you on your toes. There were a few small stream crossings & root clusters that ended up being trickier than I expected, but overall it was a blast to ride. Very little rock, mostly nice brown pow. The climb back up to the windmills after isn’t too bad either.

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So worth a trip over to that side then.

Sounds sweet.

Totally worth the ride over. You can do a pretty killer 20km-ish loop with all the best the hill has to offer.

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