Attic at McIntosh Run - heads up, work in progress

Heads up that the mrwa trail crew is working on the gulch with the creek crossing on the Attic, and this will be ripped up for a couple of days. P!ease dismount well in advance and just walk around.

The rock ‘bridge’ built in 2017 isn’t allowing enough flow during the wet season, causing a lake in the trail. We’ll fix that, the washed out transition at the bottom of the drop, and rebuild some loose rock work from '17.



Picture doesn’t seemed to have uploaded…

Tried again, with resized pic…

That looks like a challenging trail build problem.

It’s clear that the solution here is a huge skybridge.


For educational purposes - What’s your strategy for the rebuild on this section Lawrence? Rockwork bridge? Boardwalk? Culvert Pipe?

would a box culvert work better in this scenario?

First thing this morning. Sun and snow, very festive. Superheros, all of them - Eric, Elyse, Solana, Taylor (James is at the big boardwalk every day).

The big boulder embedded in the creek has been split two ways (we removed completely 1h later), and other rock work from '17 disassembled. The perforated drain pipe we installed under the length of the trail in '17 has been removed. The piple worked but made it difficult to do stable rock work above, and was quite crushed now.

Good question/points by Eric and Margareefisher. Will try to put down my thoughts later.


Wow, this is great, this has been a rare wet spot for ages. Maybe we can even get it flowy enough to make the drop climbable again “like (sits back in rocking chair and removes corn cob pipe) back in the old days.”


Funny you say that because I’ve looked at that drop and thought how could anyone climb it? One day this summer I was coming back down it and saw someone turn the corner and I let him pass. Well didn’t you know he just pedaled hard towards it and manualed the first part and kept on pedalling up the second part like it wasn’t there! And in full XC lycra to boot!

Kudos to whoever it was. I still have never come close to riding it! Either way!


:+1::sweat_smile: damn freaks w their lycra and cimbing fetish!


Doesn’t count if you’re part billy goat. Lol I’ve seen you climb.

Not that I could do this climb or would even attempt it, but I tend to break freehubs when I try to climb steep stuff, so I need to try to reign myself in and walk more climbs. I hate that “ping” sound from the back end on steep climbs!

Are you talking the the double step going clockwise (visible in the pic of the trail crew) or the roll in going counter clockwise?

you must be able to levitate…nice work!!

Yes. I had never seen anyone climb it til I saw that guy do it.

Ahh yeah it’s def a hard move…but what streetgang is doing in that pic above is mind boggling