AVMBA Corn Maze Ride - Nov 1st

This is one of the most unique rides around! We get
to ride in a corn maze at full speed at night! This is very exciting
and a ton of fun!

This is on private property and we are
asked to park in the parking lot on route 358 for Dykes, on the right
before Belcher street. Huge thanks to the land owners!

Remember to charge your lights!

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I realized last night that I would probably miss the ride this year, I’ll have to look forward to next year I guess.

For anyone on the fence about going, stop thinking and go! You will have an absolute blast! I was very surprised how much fun it was last year.

I can do it just about any night. Just let me know and we’ll make it happen.

Thanks @riderx but I leave for the States for work for two weeks on Sunday afternoon. I assume by the time I’m back there won’t be much left of the maze.

Probably not, but drop a note when you return…we’ll see what we can do.

Planning to be there.


With the showers today I don’t think I’ll go up for the ride today. I’ll plan to be there for Tuesday though.

I’m calling it. A little too wet I’m afraid. Tuesday it is. I will probably be riding at the maze any evening this week.