AVMBA Corn Maze ride

The AVMBA will be riding the Corn Maze in Greenwich this Wednesday night at 7pm. Meet on the Port Williams dyke just before the bridge. We will be doing a trail ride to the maze. Make sure your lights are charged!

For those that haven’t been on a corn maze ride before I encourage you to try to make it out. It’s a lot of fun and the trail ride before and after is a great night ride.


Corn Maze rides are a blast! Definitely encourage folks to attend. I hope to make it up on Friday evening if there is interest in joining me then.

Any on going Wed that wants to carpool from HRM

I can’t make it Wednesday, but might be up for Friday!

And yes, it’s true. You really do need to experience this one!!!

Can you give me directions to the Port Williams Dyke

I’m stoked!!! Directions would be - Take exit 11 off of the 101. Head towards Port Williams (drive through the set of lights). We will meet at the parking lot for the dykes, which is just before the bridge to Port Williams. The parking lot is directly on the side of the road that takes you over the dykes. If you find yourself in the village of Port Williams you have gone too far! Hope this helps a bit!

maps.google.ca/maps?client=safa … CAoQ_AUoAg

Just to clarify where we are meeting is not where the “A” is on the map… it is just below on the south side of the dyke waterway.

Am scheduled to work on Friday evening as well. I’m trying to reschedule things for Saturday evening on my end.

I’m ready for some some on the knobs!

I can’t make it tonight thanks for the directions . I would like to go Fri pm.

Can’t find the details about the Friday evening ride. Can someone point them out to me?