Avon Region Active Transportation Plan

Public Meeting on Wednesday evening (Oct 15th) at King’s Edgehill.
Community Ride on Sunday, October 19th in Three Mile Plains.


Come out on Wednesday to have your say.
Come on out on Sunday for a ride!

Thought I’d see you there @Maritimer! As usual the participation level was dismal. 2 consultants and 2 members of the public, including myself.

Yeah…that was the plan, but the rain threw us for a loop and it turned beautiful. We ended up going over to her Dad’s place and riding afterward.

We actually saw you guys on O’Brien street before we headed out.

Any good discussion? I saw that terrible strip of pavement through Falmouth got fixed up this week.

Yeah I’d say the consultants got some first hand experiences riding around Windsor. Obviously theres lots of improvements to consider paved shoulders seem possible on most of the main arteries into town. We also took a good long stop in Sweets Corner talking about the businesses and the rail corridor.

That new pavement was a dream, too bad they didn’t do the shoulders too.

Would have been there, but my feet had a prior engagement with 29.2k of asphalt and 13k of rail trail… and pain :smile: