Back in the saddle again

great news buddy

you cansay that again lol

Well, I finally did it!!

After two years that consisted of a total of two rides, I finally rode my bike on two consecutive days (and my butt is SORE).

I hope this is the start of a rekindled romance with my aluminium mistress, I certainly missed her.

We haven’t been on the dirt yet . I’ve noticed way too much degredation in the skills dept, not to mention the obvious fitness issues. But, we’re back (i hope).

After Ramadan, inshallah, i will get out with some of you guys again, maybe take in some of those beginner rides to start :slight_smile:

Any chance we might see da Mrs. trying out a ride or two as well?

i certainly hope so, but i think i have my work cut out for me

great news buddy

great news buddy