Backlands petition

Not sure if anyone has seen this but it’s pretty important. If you believe in it, please sign.

Signed, sealed and delivered…



Awesome! :slight_smile:

Signed by yours truly. I’m going to call into the Rick Howe show next time Steve Adams is on and question him on this whole thing

Where the heck are all these people coming from to fill all these new condos and houses? All we hear in the news is about the sad state of the NS economy (agree) and the mass exodus of young people yet every street corner in Halifax has a new condo development being built and every corner of the urban areas are under construction with new houses,/townhouses etc. Who the heck is buying these things?

That’s a great question muddy… not to mention all the new apartment buildings they’re putting up everywhere when supposedly there’s a glut of apartments available and prospective tenants are being offered tons of incentives to move in, like free cable/internet/phone for a year, no damage deposit if you’re over a certain age.

There’s going to be a bursting bubble pretty soon at this rate… it’s insane.

I’ve been asking the same thing for a while now, haven’t gotten a straight answer yet. Developers seem to just want to sweep in, build, sell, then leave us with whatever mess is left. We (or our elected representatives) seem happy to let it all happen. It’s not just residential either, what’s with the massive expansions in the business parks? Does a city the size of Halifax need three Future Shops and two Best Buys? How are these places staying in business?, they seem empty most of the time.

I think the Bayers Lake Rona was a great icon of what is happening, they spent millions getting that location up and running and only a couple years later pull the plug and shut it down because the market here is saturated. Now there is the massive hulk of an empty building sitting there yet right behind it they are clearing a massive amount of space towards Whopper to create even more development space. It just seems bizarre.

I was in future shop to pick up a wii-mote for the kids last week and there were easily more employees than customers. they swarmed me offering help.

I think the retailers are having a rough time accepting online shopping is not going anywhere.

Council voted it down today. Vote was very close, in fact if Linda Mosher had been there the vote would have passed. … -1.2648654