Badass winter tires?

Last few years I’ve used a home made set of 1/2" stainless wood screw tires. I’m thinking of buying a set of ice tires this year.

Any recommendations on bad ass winter tires? Gotta be bad ass.

The price was right so I ordered these online last spring. I’m actually looking forward to the winter so I can try them out. Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pros 29" x 2.25". 402 studs per tire, yet relatively light. Overkill? Perhaps. Badass? Definitely.

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I used the regular, non-folding Ice Spikers (26x2.1) last year and they were excellent. This year I’m going with the folding ‘Pro’ version in the 2.35 size as I generally gravitate to fatter tires. Design of the studs seems a little different between the two also with the ‘Pro’ having more of a point… more spike like than stud like.


The price isn’t exactly right at the moment, but I’m still planning to order a set of those badass tires very soon.

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@ghost looks like they’ve gone up quite a bit since I got mine, but still at a decent discount.

Just ordered a set of the 26x2.35 spiker pros $180 cdn after all. My luck they’ll arrive in may. :smiley:


I am told they have arrived. 8 days later from Germany. Sweet.