Bash guards

I’m thinking of adding a bash guard to my frame. It has ISCG05 tabs and I run a 32t oval chainring. I rarely drop chains so one with a chain guide isn’t necessary. Who’s running one? I’ve been looking at One Up and Blackspire.

I run a oneup bash guide and hit it often. I have had no issues.

I have MRP bash guards on most of my trail bikes… I like them just fine…

I run a Blackspire TrailX on my dually, mostly for the taco bashy, I remove the top guide for regular trail rides and but put the top guide on if I go to Keppoch or somewhere with lots of sustained downhill.

My hardtail doesn’t have ISCG tabs so I use a BB mount Blackspire Crusher bash guard. I don’t feel the need for a guide on it ever.

I like Blackspire, the are a Canadian company making stuff in Canada.

Another vote for OneUp. Plus it comes with multiple sizes of bash so you can change your chainring without needing to get a new guard. Like all their stuff it’s well thought out and made.

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I got MRp from my old Scott genius, still works well haven’t change it since 2016.

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Anyone looking for one in this style, Chromag has a killer sale

I’ve been running the One Up one since it came out with no issues despite a lot of battle scars. So another vote for One Up!

How do bash guards like the black spire crusher hold up? Looks flimsy with only two bolts holding it to the iscg05 tabs. Just curious.

Just fine as long as your bikes built well. The bash guards are typically pretty strong. I have read of rare cases where a heavy hit can crack the mounts on your frame but its not common.

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So my '18 Norco Sight carbon has the ISCG05 tabs, could I attach on of the two bolt taco style (like the OneUp) to my frame? Or would the carbon tabs be an issue? It came with a stock chainguide, but the taco to protect the ring is more ideal for stuff I like to ride.

I didn’t realize BB mount bash guards were a thing, but I’m interested as the bike I’m currently building doesn’t have tabs. The information on Blackspire’s website is a bit lacking. I assume this just goes between the BB cup and shell? Are they adjustable to fit different chainlines or one size fits all?

You would have no problems. The tabs are there to attach guides. Both my Reign and my Hightower were and are carbon and I’ve had no issues. The Reign took 3 years of abuse to the lower bash plate and the frame never showed any signs of issues.

If your bike has a threaded BB, the bash guard usually just replaces one of the spacers (same thickness) so as not to affect the chain line. If the bashguard you want to use isn’t a BB mount type, you can find BB mounted ISCG adapters that are installed the same way.

There are also ISCG adapters that are installed on the outside circumference of the BB shell for press fit BB arrangements. I have no experience with those.


If you or anyone else is looking, I think I have a spare single ring MRP XCG BB mount bash guard. I think it is designed to protect up to a 36T (or maybe only 34T). Let me know if you’re interested and I can have a dig through my parts stash. If anyone is running a 2x (or 3x) drivetrain I might have one for that application too (also BB mount).

I’ve had the Blackspire Crusher on my Trance for quite some time. I run a 32T oval and was worried that the 26-32T Crusher wouldn’t fully protect the oval ring, so I went with the 32-38T one. It hung down lower than I would like, so I run it without the plastic skid plate. It’s not ideal, but it certainly does its job. Lots of scrapes on it to prove it!

At some point I may replace it, and the OneUp guide is currently at the top of the list.