BC Bike Race

Nice video to celebrate ten years of the BC Bike Race. It’s on my bucket list.


JESUS! Thanks for putting this idea into my head… Well, I guess I better start training is I’m gonna do it for my 45th birthday (2020).


I know a local rider who is registered to compete in this year’s race…

I can’t wait to hear from him when he gets back to see what it was like…

Andrew Arsenault and his wife Heidi King (from Saint John NB) did it 2-3 years ago. I’m seriously contemplating it. Gonna talk to them to see what’s all involved.

Let us know what he thinks.

That looks awesome. An excellant motive to go for a trip out to BC!

I think a stage race should be on everybody’s bucket list!
This will be my 4th year in a row doing one a year. They are so much fun not to mention that you gain a year of riding skills in one week. I have never been to this race but have talked to people who have and they all liked it a lot. Some of the comments… it cost more than other stage races… you have to sleep in tents…lots of singletrack everyone liked it.

I went to the single track 6 in the rocks last summer and it was a dream trip, I can’t imagine it being more fun. We stayed in ski lodges and the food was good. Amazing amount of single track with a different trail system every day. http://singletrack6.com/ all you can eat single track!

This year we are doing the first time ever https://quebecsingletrack.com/en Single track overload!!!

Another observation. Our beginner trails are harder than their hard trails so when others are walking or struggling we tend to fly by.


When I was in the market for my next bike last winter, I watched the movie Seven on YouTube. Immediately I thought to myself I want a bike that’s BCBR worthy and it’s time to start getting ready. Bought the rollers for the road bike just to get some extra peddling in on days I couldn’t make it to the gym. Not sure what year I’ll make it there but I can wait. Tons of info on the BCBR website. Would be a huge plus to partner up when it comes to sharing a your tent if that’s the package you take when registering. To me, the race is more of a glorified bike vacation with an unreal intensity level. This year I just planned on hitting every trail I could as every trail is new to me, next year I want to start playing with my Strava times. A race oriented hardtail is on my list to possibly dabble into some good xc (as well as a fat bike for the fun of it :yum:) BCBR is the whole reason basically. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So until then, it’s all about deliberate fun and progression. Oh, plus I took a few days to drive around BC a few years ago and was completely blown away on every turn down the Oakanagen, around Vancouver Island and up the sea to sky. Been wanting to go back to visit since.


Love it!!! I’ve been doing a little bit of digging around on the BCBR site and will be checking in regularly. I agree, it if nothing else is a bike vacation. I “think” i’d like to do it in 2020 for my 45th birthday. 3 years away but time goes fast once you set out your goals and plans. I could never go back to a hardtail. Way too hard on my body and full suspension is just so fun! I pitched the idea to my wife the other day and she pretty much told me to get after it which is pretty cool.


That would probably destroy me and I’d love to do it! Maybe a few years out. Probably need a full squish bike on what will be a 50 year old body. The production quality of that video was amazing. Some of the ride footage/tracking shots were hollywood level.

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The local rider I know racing this year has completed 3 stages thus far.

That adds up to 159 km of riding and over 13 hours and 30 minutes in the saddle. He has a 50 km stage to do today.


12 km/h sounds like a pretty reasonable average. Good for him!

No question it is an endurance event. I have done the 40km version of the Elgin race in NB. Gonna try the 80km version this year and see how I fare out lol

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