BC Bike Trip


My friend and I are doing a 10 day downhill bike trip to BC next month.
We are riding:
North Shore
Revstoke Heli Drop
and possibly Vernon.

If any of you have ridden in these locations I’d appreciate any hot spots to hit up.
Restaurants, pubs and must ride trails?

Thanks folks


Talk to @Amart about his recent trip to Squamish and be sure to stop there on the way to Whistler.


Like @brightwhite said, I just got back from BC. We spent the week riding just Squamish and it is definitely worth putting on the list. After a week we felt like we had scratched the surface. We also did a morning on the shore where we got to meet Digger on Fromme.
I see you’re doing a Dh bike trip so that kind of rules out most of Squamish as it is more of a pedal up and ride down Place. The amount of climbing is incredible out there, even our easy recovery rides were double the climbing of a fight trail ride.
I’ve only ridden Fromme and there is no vehicle access to the mountain as far as I know, I’m not sure about Cypress or Seymour. If you have 2 vehicles you can shuttle the diamond head area in Squamish which is where trails like Half Nelson, angry midget, etc are. The road is brutal and was quite hard on our minivan. But if you have the opportunity it’s worth a stop for a lap or 2 as the trails are only 10 minutes from the sea to sky highway.
We rode the bike park last trip and it wasn’t our scene so we didn’t go back this time around. We also looked in to a heli trip but it was way too much money for only 2 guys. And if you’re looking for food in Squamish Backcountry brewing has deadly beer and great pizza and just down the street is A Frame brewing with great beer and a taco truck out front.
BC is incredible and it’s hard to have a bad time, so I’m sure you guys will have a blast! And if you need any help in Squamish stop at Tantalus Bikes, the guys we’re awesome and helped us out with some mechanicals and told us the best way to do the shuttling on diamond head. Not everyone wants to share info about the trails because some of the locals don’t love all of the people that come to ride, but the guys at tantalus were awesome. But as the locals say, Squamish sucks, don’t go.
I’ve only ridden Fromme, Squamish, the WBP once and the Whistler valley but if you have any questions I’ll do my best to help you out.
Regardless, you’re going to have a blast!


-Margarita pitchers at sushi village in whistler (good food too)
-I think the restaurant scene has probably grown quite a bit in Revelstoke since the last time I was there-the Nomad makes pretty killer burritos. Modern Bakeshop and cafe is a good place to grab breakfast.
-Howe sound brewpub in Squamish
-whistler brewing company makes a pretty killer grapefruit ale


I think have a guidebook for the North Shore somewhere, if I can find it I’ll let you know.
Man, Squamish is my all time favourite place to ride! If you’re not just into descending then I would echo the others to def check it out.


A.mart thanks for all the great insight. I will be sure to get in touch with Tantalus Bikes for more info. We are solely looking for DH gravity trails. There is more then enough pedaling in NS to fill that void hahaha


Drgonzo thanks for the insight. I will be sure to check out the burrito and breakfast joints. We are primarily looking for Gravity runs as NS has more then enough pedaling for my liking :rofl::joy: