Bedford Parade of lights 2014

We are going to be participating once again this year in the Bedford Parade of Lights. The date for this years’ event is Nov 16th.

More information is available here…

We just want to light up our bikes as much as possible and have fun riding our bikes in a parade celebrating the season.

If you want any ideas or tips on decorating your bike post up and we’ll answer.


Looking forward to it - I’m planning to ride with my kids. Check out last year’s blog post from @Rally_Kia for some neat Parade of Lights bike decorating tips.


How is everyone doing on their decorating? If you need lights that are battery operated check out Canadian tire or Dollar Store. They seem to have the best selection at a good price.

Am I doing it right?

In all seriousness I grossly underestimated how many cable ties I will need.

Two wheels down, with a few preemptively broken glow sticks

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Zip ties are essential. Looking great…working on mine now.

Instructions from the float committee for Sunday.

On parade day there will be committee members at DeWolfe Park starting at 1pm. The floats can arrive after 1 but before 5pm . There is no parking at the park.We would like to have everyone who will be on or walking with the floats there by 5pm.

We basically ride from Dewolfe park on the Bedford Highway. It is at ‘parade’ pace so it’s not fast.

Dewolf Park is not on google maps by search but it appears to be here: DeWolfe Park

That’s the spot!

Picked up some lights today.

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Had a great time and the kids loved it.


That was a blast! Probably the funnest ride this year with the exception of the corn maze ride.

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