Bedford Parade of Lights - Nov. 17th

The application has been sent and just awaiting further information from the organizers. Looking forward to this years’ bike decoration. I already have some ideas to up the ante from last year.

Maybe we’ll even have a prize of some sort this year…hhhmmmmm the ideas are forming.

The date, forgot the date.

November 17th

Sound good. I can beat anyone with my back back full of awesome dogs with lights.


Canadian Tire and Dollar store should have a bunch of lights on the shelves if not now, in the very near future. The more lights the better!

November 17th! It’s coming soon. I’m just waiting on information from the organizer.


Got your bike decorated yet? let’s see some pics…

It’s next Sunday so get your lights, add some music and let’s really show how bright we can make our bikes for this!

Stay tuned for some decorating tips and experiences!!!


Time: Meet at DeWolfe Park by 5:00pm.

Route: The route is opposite to last year. In other words, we will start at DeWolfe Park and ride along the Bedford Highway and end at the far end of Bedford Place Mall.

It will make for a quicker ride back to the car I guess.

It certainly will!

BTW for tips on decorating your bikes, and what to wear check out the blog by Aaron on the front page!

Got our bikes done up already! Anyone else?

getting my lights out tonight, will hopefully doing up the bike saturday night or Sunday.

It’s the big day!!! We could use 2-3 folks to help with walking with a banner. If you are available, let me know at or if you want to ride, I’ll be a banner carrier, and you can ride my decorated bike…

Oh man! Was that ever fun! Thanks all for coming out. See you next year!

Freya had a blast. She is zonked today.

Great times! Thanks to all who made it out and decorated their bikes. I was blown away by the number of spectators ( who were there just to see us of course).

Some pics: Courtesy of Reg Duffy

[attachment=1]547509_10152095069833413_165002704_n (1).jpg[/attachment]