Bedford Rifle Range Trails

Hey Folks,

More of a trail runner but I do a small bit of mountain biking. I live walking distance from the trails off the 102 by the Bedford rifle range and am looking to do some maintenance on the trails to keep busy while we are under lockdown. (As far as I am aware, they aren’t part of a park, so they technically shouldn’t be closed. As well, keeping in mind that I live walking distance from the trail system, I frequently run the trails and there is never anyone else on the single track, so the risk of covid transmission is non-existent.)

In any case, being primarily a trail runner, I’m not sure who owns or developed those trails nor am I familiar with the proper etiquette for maintaining other people’s trails. Just wondering if it’s fine to do some minor maintenance on these trails? I’m not looking to build or change anything, just clear away leaves, loose rocks and dirt, and fix some ruts—overall, just getting them into rideable condition for once they dry out. Any input would be appreciated.


As long as you do not change anything, generally speaking the maintenance you mentioned is appreciated and done by (mostly) all trail users as a general common courtesy. I can’t speak with any authority to these trails specifically, but I can’t see any harm, as long as it’s keeping with current public health mandates, which seems you should be.

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Hi yeah and if you could update us on when you think the trails are rideable that would be very appreciated. Me and my buddy’s will usually ride there but we don’t wanna go there intill we know we could ride as it’s a 45+ km ride there an back and if u want to help maintain it then that would be sweet not many people ride there so it’s tough to keep the trails running smooth.

Also where do you mean like the jumps up on top of the gravel pit or the ones lower down?

The Range trails are all unsanctioned, that is they were developed by riders without the landowner’s permission so technically they were never “open” in the first place. The majority of land there is owned by the Municipality but it is not parkland and they seem to ignore any activity happening there.

As far as maintenance I can’t see any of the builders having a problem with cleaning up or fixing eroded features.


I can give you guys an update when they look ready to ride. I’m intending to do both the trails below the gravel pit and the main one on the ridge above the gravel pit. If time permits, I’ll also try to do some of the smaller trails off to the left of the ridge too.


Thanks and good luck. That area has significantly more dirt bike and ATV traffic than it does MTB traffic.

Yeah, I think the dirt bikes have moved on to Bowater though for the most part, they will destroy those trails and move on to the next area.


Yeah, they’ve already torn up part of the the bottom section of the trail I just finished up. But it looks like there’s no way to keep them off it given its unsanctioned.

It’s very difficult. If you can, build features that are too hard for motos, too narrow or things they would have to lift the bike or risk tipping, it will not keep really good riders out but hacks might get discouraged. Trenches come to mind, and very tight turns with less than 24" clearance. Doing this at the beginning of a trail could make it lame enough that the motos just go to another trail instead.

I know it doesn’t really apply to the range as the most of the existing trail is well beat in but on anything new if you can hide entrances and exits to trails, it means you’ll have to walk in and out but at least they won’t get trashed, until some tool decides to #fuckstrava segment it for you.


I just bring a saw on my handle bars for making the trail wide enough for motos and if you like hard enduro the tighter and harder the obstacles and features the better