Best bike shop for ordering random parts

Any recommendation on a store that will be able to order a Fox CSU without any unnecessary hassle? I know part number but Fox doesn’t deal direct.

Just need a friendly store that will order the part and not be weird about wanting to do the switch themselves.

Found some serious scratches on the stanchions of my Trance. Not sure if the came on my last OTB or recent house move.

Haven’t ridden since so could be either.

Cyclesmith has always been great about ordering the Fox stuff I’ve needed- seals, fluids, small parts, travel spacers etc. I just email with the Fox part number and he lets me know the ETA and price.

Having said that, buying a CSU is pricey so there might be a deposit required.

What did you need? 32/34/36? Tapered or straight? 26/27.5/29?


Yeah, cyclesmith would be your best bet. Like above said, email mark. I do the same thing. Technically, mark doesn’t do the ordering anymore but I prefer to work with him. He might refer you to the new (spo) guy but don’t take it personally.

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depending what your looking for guarantees no duty on all orders

I ended up ordering through Cyclesmith, great service and easy to do.

Just finished cutting the steerer and putting the star nut in this afternoon.

New CSU and new SKF wipers and fluids from S4.