Best down hill trail

Looking to get out for a ride this weekend and look for a nice spot which has a lot of downhill flowing single track. Not sure even such a thing but love to find a good spot. To hit Saturday. Thanks in advance and if anyone wants to meet up let’s do it always funner with another then alone. Scott

Not sure where you’re located but Keppoch mountain outside of Antigonish fits the bill…

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Or Fitzpatrick Mountain, or The Gorge in Kentville.

A friend is trying to get some folks together for a Keppoch day this weekend, I’ll post if I get any details from him.

Keppoch is the only official place with true dedicated downhill runs left in NS. Its worth the trip from anywhere in ns. They have shuttles on the weekend all day up the hill too, so pure downhill. The gorge has some sections of downhill that are decent but i wouldnt call it a dedicated dh destination. Either gonna have to pedal hard or push the pig up quite a few spots between the dh sections. Grey mountain outside falmouth is fantastic for dh but can be tricky to navigate on your own when unfamiliar (as is my case there). Ive heard fitz has some nice dh runs but ive never been, and i know youd have to climb a lot to get to them. Go to keppoch.

I’m gonna head there this weekend. Looks like a whole lot fun.

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Great be there this weekend. Looks like a whole lot fun.

+1 on keppoch. Good mix of DH trails for all abilities and they’re building more all the time.
The lodge is generally open on the weekends. Stop by the Townhouse in Antigonish for a beer afterwards.


… Keppochkeppochkeppoch

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Honestly Fitz had amazing trails! need to work a bit for them though.

Hoping to make it to Keppoch Saturday with my son and a buddy of mine.

Keppoch it is. If anyone wants to go have room enough for two people. I’m in Halifax I’ll be heading down Saturday probably leave city around 9 or 10.
Message me wanna tag along probably stay there for 2 max 3 hours.

Im planning on going this saturday as well! Im more of an all day, ride til you fall off the bike and cant get on the shuttle kinda guy tho. i usually make it for the first shuttle and have often been the last one down the mountain (you can convince certain drivers to make some extra runs for you sometimes!) - if this interests anyone, lwt me know! I will be leaving the valley early satursay with intentions to make first shuttle, plan on staying til after the last shuttle so come prepared!

Wentworth is awesome. The hostile side has a good climb but the descending is amazing.

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Yes but do you have to climb all way up or they have shuttle and or lifts working. I’m lazy lol

Keppoch is the only place with shuttle service, weekends only (occasional weekdays posted on facebook though)
Everywhere else is either climbing or small dh sections.


I’m not 100% sure how you feel on this topic, @Nova . Can you clarify? :joy::joy::joy:

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Well, I enjoy flat really enjoy down hill even if have to go up little hills to go down big hills but lol I’d rather shuttle then bike up the mountain lol. Need a helicopter. Use say never drive anything without a motor and last week after 4 hours on a tech trail lol ugh


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