Best mountain bike destinations in Canada and beyond?

Hello everyone! What are some of the best trail systems in Canada? Hidden gems? Where have you traveled? Traveling tips?
I Am looking forward to reading about some of the story’s and locations!

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Fernie - Very underrated, it has an amazing selection of trails. Massive exposure descents, great bike park, amazing DJ park and loads of true freeride. One of my top 3 picks for BC.

Revelstoke - Has Helidrop access, 7000ft vertical decent, and the world’s largest machine made flow trail @ 15kms.

Whistler - Is Whistler :ok_hand::fire:

Squamish - Incredible bike community and trail network.

North Shore BC - It’s where freeride began, wet sketch but very cool. Mt.Fromme, Mt. Cypress and Mt. Seymour👊

Kamloops - Only got to ride at the bike ranch but it was killer and very unique.

Sugarloaf NB - This is a great lift accessed bike park that’s a reasonable distance from Halifax (6hrs).

Next season, I’ll be exploring Highland Bike Park in New Hampshire.

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Technically not Canada but just over the border in Vermont is it’s my favorite eastern trail system that isn’t talked about nearly enough.

Another vote for Kingdom Trails but its really dependant on what kind of riding you are looking for. I like it because I’m an xc dude who likes to ride all day.

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Quebec has the best MTB infrastructure in eastern Canada. Truly spectacular trail systems, the provincial gov’t has poured millions into trails, warming stations. Well worth the trip to ride Vallée Bras du Nord (two separate trail systems), E47, Bromont, MSA, Sentiers du Moulin and more. You could spend a week and never hit the same system. There is a cost for each system ($18 for a day pass when I was there) but it’s worth it.

The only other major MTB trip I’ve taken is to Moab and well, it’s Moab. Just shut up and go.


+1 for Moab.

For smooth, flowy xc riding my favorite spot is Dufferin forest in Ontario. Good trails, maintained by a local cycling club.

I lived in Whistler for the 1990’s. It has grown since then. The whole corridor from North Van to Pemberton and beyond has more than enough trails to spend close to a lifetime exploring.

Kingdom trails in Vermont is awesome as well.

I was looking into fernie, looks amazing, but I wasn’t sure how it stacked up to other places like whistler. I will look into it more

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Ryan, if you’re looking into Fernie, check out YouTube videos of their trail Contra, Dirt diggler and Three Kings. There are so many good local trails I could list them all day. Then there is the bike park and it is located at Fernie Alpine Resort and it has a Canada Cup DH course there as well.
They also have a great DJ park.

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