Best place to buy used parts?

I’m looking for a 9 speed sti shifter. Either 105 or ultegra. But finding any road gear in a 9 speed these days is a tough job. Any suggestions where i could look?

I’ve tried the obvious places like kijiji and ebay. Any other ideas?

I would try your local shops, if you haven’t already. You never know what may be lurking in the bottom drawer of someones’ work stand…or a single shifter out of a package of two.

I will be happy to check in the shop at Valley Stove and Cycle for you if you wish.

Otherwise, it is possible to buy a new 9 speed rear sti shifter from a shop. However, it is a Sora instead of the 105/Ultegra.

I’ve been checking around.
It would be great if you could have a check mike.

I’m aware of the sora bit prefer not to down grade.
been thinking of changing over to a 10 speed setup but it would cost a bit too much right now.

I will be in touch in the next couple of days.

This shop is located in Guelph Ontario and is the most incredible bike shop I have ever visited. If you can’t find it here you won’t find it anywhere.

I’ve purchased a lot of mountain bike stuff off Pinkbike. It is mostly MTB but there is a lot of road bikes and parts also.

I don’t think you will find Sora much of a downgrade from your old 9sp shifter. Shimano knows how to make 9sp shifters and it will work great and be ultra-reliable, likely more reliable than used and easier to find than new old stock. It looks pretty much the same as the old 9sp stuff, too (no thumb lever anymore). On the other hand, if your left shifter still works then getting the matching right shifter will guarantee that the hoods feel the same for both, and the aesthetic will be the same. So if you have 9sp ultegra that’s what I would look for.

Found a 9 speed tiagra at a local shop for $60. Seems like it’s probably my best option. Pinkbike didn’t have anything in north America which i find kind of strange. I’m going to take my old 105 too work today and see if i can fix it. If not I’ll have to have a mismatched set