Best place to get mtb tires?


Where do you guys buy/order your tires from thesedays?

Going to get my bike all freshened up and hopefully get back into mountain biking this year. I need 26" tires which seem to be becoming rarer as time goes on.


I try to buy local for my tires rather than mail order, and I prefer an LBS to MEC, but selection at LBS can be limited, especially for 26" these days. MEC has Maxxis Minions and High Rollers, which a lot of people seem to like, as well as Nevegals which have been standard on my bikes for a long time. Both priced at about $75/tire.


I like to buy mine at a local shop. Some shops have much more selection than people think because the show room floor does not have the space for tires.


Nothing against local shops, which I frequent for service and buying new bikes, but for parts I like to spend as little money as possible. I use Chain Reaction and Bike Discount


JensonUSA is also good for tires and other bits.


Same here. I was disappointed when they stopped carrying shimano parts i had no idea that was happening


I’m cheapscape, I’ll check Kijiji first if not LBS deserves my bucks.