Best wheel size for B.C. riding

I am planing on doing some trips to a few different places including B.C. just curious to see what people’s thoughts on wheel size is. For around here 29 makes sense for pedalling, but for bike park or enduro riding, which is better or is it a big difference? The difference in time between wheel size was only 1-3 seconds over a stage. Which I don’t care about. I am bias towards 29 but I like the flick and nimbleness of 27.5 but worry I may miss the stability and straight line speed. Any thoughts?

Where are you going?
I have friends from work that live and ride in North Van., they’ve all gone 29.

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If you’re riding in BC for fun, i think you are over thinking. Ride what you feel most comfortable and confident on.


I’ve ridden both Squamish and the North Shore on both 27.5 and 29 on different trips. They are both fine. Just ride what you are comfortable with. It seems like most people are transitioning to 29 for the trails. We didn’t go to the bike park last year so I have no idea what is going on there. The time we did go we rented DH bikes because Whistler beats the crap out of bikes and we weren’t interested in punishing our bikes that we needed to ride for the rest of the trip. And it is safe to say that Jesse Melamed and the other endur pros and the locals who know the trails are going to ride the trails faster and harder than anyone who is just there visiting for the first time. Enduro/ race times aren’t going to help pick a wheel size as those racers can push both wheel sizes to the limit. There are a pile of fast locals out there riding difficult trails in Squamish and a lot of them are not on enduro rigs and just riding trail bikes. The trails are amazing, but having a bike you are comfortable on will make riding new trails blind much easier IMO.


Cronbrook, will have an XC bike with me to ride the community forest. But will be riding in fernie mostly.

Not really, if I was buying a bike for around here I would stick with a XC bike with 29 wheels. But for riding that’s more pedal up then hammer down, it’s a bit different for me. There are aspects of both wheel sizes I like, 29 always feel better for jumping and jibbing. But I like the speed that 29 has. The bikes I’m looking at will be mainly used during travel to bike parks and stuff. Still will ride around here but will use Xc for that likely.

I likely will go with 29, although I just wish GT would come out with a carbon version of their force 29. The alloy frame and beefy parts really add up. So I may wait and see if they come out with that in The winter which is when their new models come out. Lots to think about. There are part of having 27.5 I like. But overall I’m more comfortable on 29 right now.

Id be more concerned about tire choice for the area you are going then wheel size.


It was March the last time I rode Mt Seymour and I did it on 27.5+ wheels, they were great for winter riding on the shore.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

As wisely suggested above, tire choice is more important.
The coast in winter is utterly different than the interior in summer…

My experiences in Cranbrook (in summer) were dry, blown out. Fernie a little more damp but still not like the coast. Both a hoot and you can pedal right from downtown.


You must mean 27.5 in that statement…

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Oops you are right. 27.5

I will be running the same tires on 29 as 27.5. I have been running Michelin wild enduros for the past few years and really like them. Ran them on both 27.5 and my 29er. Will be sticking with them. The bike will also be used in Quebec when the bubble opens up possibly and also NB at Poley and a few other places. I really appreciate everyone’s input.

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Are you bringing your own bike or renting?
I just went on a mini-trip to West Bragg and rented a 29er. I’ve never been on a 29er before and I definitely noticed how it rolled over everything soo much easier. You really feel your bike after huge climbs followed by 8-10 minute
flowy descents. The biggest difference for me was the suspension set up, I found I was diving quite a bit and almost went OTB a few times. I felt more tall on a 29er and when I went through slow techy climbs, my balance was out of whack. I’m sure its something youd get used to but if I were to rent again, I’d aim for something more similar to my own bikes. That way you spend more time enjoying the ride instead of figuring out the new feel. Hope your trip goes well!

Not ridden out West but I’d say 29er for everything.

The first time I rode the Trance 29 I was apprehensive about how it would be, it was my first time on a trail 29er. My local trail was a 20 min up 7 min down small loop. The climb was not very technical but the down was a fast mix of tech and flow. I was surprised on how stable it was, it was faster through tech sections, fast in the corners and it jumped well. I didn’t think I was pushing it until I went over a hip and the back wheel hit the back of my shorts.

So yeah I wouldn’t worry about new 29ers not being capable and fun on any terrain.