Bicycle Barley Candy!

Super Sweet Bicycle Treat…

Remember this stuff. Barley Candy! Sometimes called glass candy or toy candy. Whatever you call it, include delicious! I am sure with just the right amour of this high octane fuel I could climb alpe d’huez.

It usually appeared Christmas morning stuck to the inside of a wool stocking. Once removed, no attempt was made to remove any fine strands of wool that wanted a taste of its goodness. Bit size pieces in the shape of Santa were immediately consumed. The only evidence that it ever existed was the red ring of stickiness that persisted on and around your lips for the remainder of the morning.

This has been made special for us in a Bicycle motif by Robertson’s Candy of Truro. They are probably the longest running family operated barley candy producer still in existence.

Stock is limited so get yourself some…soon!