Bicycle Nova Scotia - ORA

They have been working on a few things I know. There were some trail days at Uniacke estates that I know of. As well as, some behind the scenes work at other locations. Jim K. is the rep for Halifax area so I’ll get in touch with him or Sue and maybe we can get some up to date information on what’s going on.

Thanks for the heads up HCHT.

The NSMTBTA was started by our own Sue and Troy to give a voice and organize our efforts to legitimize and maintain our trails throughout NS. BNS has always strived to provide cyclists with a medium to facilitate races, events, and trail access. The marriage was inevitable and the ORA branch of BNS was born.

Read more here about the work that the ORA has accomplished in it’s short existance and the continuing work that is happening within our province. If you have any questions contact the ORA!

checked the site out, no trail advocacy news for a little over a year… :frowning: