Bike Break-ins at MVP in Fredericton

River Valley Cycling

18 mins ·


Many of you are already aware of the issues surrounding break-ins at the MVP parking lot. The situation is that over the last month RVC is aware of at least 8 incidents that were reported to the police. Vehicles have been damaged and valuables have disappeared. Windows have been smashed in broad daylight and we are all upset about our fellow riders being victimized at one of our riding hot-spots.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Park smart – don’t leave wallets, phones, laptops, gear, or other valuables in your vehicles. Obviously empty cars and trucks don’t make appealing targets.

  • Park elsewhere – choose a more public location and ride to the trailhead as a warm-up.

  • Report – if thieves strike, please report it to the Fredericton Police Dept. immediately. If the thief has left, you can use their online reporting tool or the non-emergency line (460-2300). If the person is still in your vehicle when you return, dial 911. After you’ve reported the incident to police please also let us know by dropping an email at

Here’s what RVC is doing:

  • We’re cooperating - with the Fredericton Police Dept. by supplying them timely information.

  • We’re watching - smile because you may be on camera!

  • We’re posting signage – to remind thieves that the area is under surveillance and to remind riders to take their valuables with them when they ride.