Bike Fitting and Wheel Building

I’m in the process of opening a home based bike fitting and wheel building business.

I’ve been fitting, wheel building, and working as a mechanic since 2017. My fitting training is through BC Bikefit using the cyclepoint system. I completed professional mechanic, and a separate intensive wheel building course through Winterbourne Bicycle Institute in Guelph.

I won’t be doing any fittings until post-pandemic but I’ll be building wheels as long as I can get parts.

If you are interested in a custom wheelset please contact me and let me know what you are interested in.


Sent you a pm.

Got it.

Quick update: our soft open was in mid-April. With an official opening planned for this fall. My website is up, as well as social media. I’ve been focusing on wheel repairs right now, wheel builds have taken a back seat due to supply issues, and bike fitting is somewhere in the trunk due to Covid-19 restrictions due to how hands on it is.

But here’s the website


Just want to give Craig a shout out. Thanks for the quick turn around on the wheel trueing services. Dropped off yesterday, picked up today and riding tomorrow.

Thanks again.



Thanks Goose

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