Bike Racks best option

Looking to buy a bike rack. What is my best option for 2-3 bikes. I don’t have a trailer hitch but I will most likely get one installed at Uhaul. I drive a Toyota Corrolla

I personally like yakima for bike carriers. Easy to use, and secure. They aren’t the cheapest, but one gets what they pay for.

About the type. Are the ones that hold the bike on the wheels better then the ones that hold the frame.


I’ve found that holding by the tires is easier on the bike, fits bikes with angled top tubes better and are quicker / easier to load.

Make sure you inspect the U-haul hitch carefully (or any hitch since I do believe the U-haul hitches are rebranded). I purchased one that wasn’t welded on one side, only tack welded, but you couldn’t tell because of the fresh paint. It broke not long after during a road trip. Thankfully, the other side held and I noticed the bikes were bouncing up and down. U-haul did give me a new one no questions asked.

As for the rack type, I will second other’s opinions that the platform racks that hold the wheels are the most versatile. I’m on my 5th rack (2 trunk mounts, 1 hitch top tub clamp style, one platform hoop style (swagman), and now have a Kuat NV and hope that will be the last rack I buy for a while.

I have a Yakima roof rack & 2 king cobra bike holders I got off kijiji ($250); I just had to buy the adapters for my car (about $100). King cobras hold the wheels; super secure and is adjustable from BMX to 29er wheels. I am sure it can pretty much hold any bike but I haven’t tried a fat bike.

I wouldn’t go with a hitch mount myself because it just seems in the way with my hatchback. Plus the only upper body workout I get (besides pumping my tires) is lifting my bikes to the roof. :smile:

I don’t know the effect on fuel economy.