Bike rental in St. John's?

I’m going to be in St. John’s, Newfoundland for a week for work starting on February the 12th, until mid-day on the 18th. I was really hoping to rent a bike (fat bike preferably) and ride Pippy Park either Friday evening and/or Saturday morning. I finally got confirmation today of when I am going, so I called Canary Cycles to sort out a bike rental. Apparently they are quite short on space, so they don’t have a rental fleet anymore, and according to them there is no one else around that rents bikes.

Anyone else know of any other options? @FatbikeRepublic?


Maybe contact the folks that organized the Pippy Snow Bike Fest last weekend.


I hadn’t thought of that, worth a try! I’m wondering if it was just a demo fleet that they ship around though, kind of like the Specialized bikes that will be at Victoria Park and Mahone Bay this weekend.

Or maybe someone at Mountain Bike St. John’s could hook you up with a loaner.

Freeride might have something. Maybe @westicle also knows of some options?

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Ding ding We have a winner! They have a medium and a large Devinci Minus RS for rent. $60 a day.

Yay! What do I win? :smiley:

Just saw this post. Yea Canary are tight on space. I’m glad you tracked down a bike. Shoot me a message when you iron out your schedule . . . I may be able to free up some time.

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@IanM_MTB Hmmm good question :imp:

Sounds great @FatbikeRepublic If I finish up early Friday I should be able to get out for a ride late Friday afternoon or a night ride if you have a spare light. Saturday (18th) is wide open until 5. I’ll be in touch as it gets closer.