Bike 'shops'

I’ve noticed a few ads by people doing bike repairs around the HRM. From what I can gather it doesn’t sound like any of them are ‘bike shops’ in the traditional sense because they do not carry big inventories or sell new bikes. More like garage fix-it shops that may or may not have new parts but definitely have used parts and even bikes from time to time. Anyone have any experience with any of them? Are there any more ‘shops’ around?


Long Todd’s Neighborhood Bike Shop


I think its a fantastic idea if you can find a guy you trust.

I’ve noticed that too. I actually have bought and sold a few bikes this year as well. The only official shops I could find after an extensive search were added to the directory:

If they are trustworthy, and good why not? Especially with the increase in bikes in Halifax, repairs need to be done.

My concerns would be with high end bikes, and new technology. Bike shops have access to the latest information and PK sessions. For older bikes, or low to mid range bikes, there are a lot of options.