Bike / Trail Maintenance Gear for rent

CCA’s MTB rental program…All revenues will be donated to McIntosh Run Trail system. Rent your Fatty here & help a local trail system.
Thanks to Sheldon & Jeff at Sportswheels…our partners in crime for this program!!
I didnt see this posted yet - this is directly from Alan’s Facebook - I thought it should be added here too.
Please edit should you guys need to

A few Comments:

  1. This is a new site, it may have a few tweaks still needed.
  2. Size small is on its way…just slow coming in.
  3. Norco’s are sized quite small… (I take an XL)
  4. Fatty’s come with flats but spd is available
  5. If we need more bikes we will get em.
  6. Give us some respect…return the bikes clean
  7. Trail bikes will be offered in the spring
  8. Buy these fatty’s in the spring, reserve one now.
  9. CCA’s team are not all bike guys…give em a little time to learn.