Bike trails around Sandy Lake

Anyone familiar with Sandy Lake area.

Is that the same area as Jacks Lake? Are there legacy trails in the area?

I see there are some tracks on trailforks…

This was talked about a little ways back here; Sandy Lake Park

There are some trails, but it’s pretty much all double track as far as I’m aware.

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There are some singletracks and legacy trails. Sandy Lake Park gets the most foot traffic so is a bit better cleared, but can be very rooty and wet in spots. The Jack Lake area (heading toward the Range) isn’t in the park boundary, some trails are in passable shape, you can still see the remnants of some of the old wood features. The whole area is oldschool type trails, you have to work for the flow. I usually have fun when I go there…retro type fun.

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I ride there a lot, usually linking the old Jack’s stuff, with the range, and Sandy Lake into one big loop.
The range is kind of a dirt bike park now, and those guys have made some new trails that are kinda fun.
I enjoy it there, I can get a 20k ride in with mostly single track.
I’d be happy to lead a ride in there, so folks could get an idea of how to get around and make a loop work.


Up for it recon!

I used to ride there a lot, but it’s been years.

Official(unofficial) Jacks Lake trails started on the shore of Sandy Lake in what is now a parking lot. Trails were brutal, like they all were back then. It’s all we had. That or Wrandees. Roots galore. Been years since I rode there and I’ll keep it that way.

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That stuff is all still there, it goes around the lot.

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