Bike Trip

@Mattcasey303 and I are going on a little tour. Thoughts are Hilsborough then onto Fundy then Day 2 full day at Minto. How is Hilsbrough as a riding area? And any other suggestions on Fundy/Minto trails to make sure to hit.

Hillsboro is fun with big climba and bombs down. @riderx and @bent6543 could tell you more, I’m sure.

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Minto Serenity going to doctors order blue lines then hit scotia black line and blue line tabula rosa and dont forget to dipped into there turquoise lake along new england connector it got some ramps on it too.

the coal mine is a bit longer and flowier with almost the same goodies. Watch out for big ants on the sand.

i suggest doing MVP trails too.

For fundy definitely whitetail and maplebush (or sugarbush? Cant recall) were super fun. Make sure to do them a couple times and the new pumptrack for sure but i havent had a chance to ride it yet, going mid august though!

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She’s going to be a good trip! Can’t wait to see more of what Atlantic Canada has to offer for riding