Bikes for Sale:

I am selling off some of my fleet of bikes as I really don’t need as many as I have.

1991-92 Breezer Sky

Made with Ritchey Ultralight tubing and the smoothest natural welds I’ve ever seen on a bike this bike is equipped with Shimano thumbshifters, Answer Manitou 1 Elastomer forks (new elastomers), Shimano XTR Seatpost. Truly a vintage gem of a bike. Original paint.

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1996 Kona Koa

Aluminum framed, original everything, in immaculate condition. Rigid Fork, Shimano drivetrain. Great looking bike.

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[attachment=3]1996 Kona Koa (1).JPG[/attachment]

2008 Norco Axia

This bike started out as a commuter and has been upgraded to handle trails that are a bit rougher. Marzocchi front fork, disk brakes and a shimano drivetrain all with a step through design to make it easier to get on and off. Fantastic bike to hit the rails to trails, or switch tires for a city ride.

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[attachment=2]2008 Norco Axia Step Through (9) mod.jpg[/attachment]

Two Potential Sales:

If I get the right price for these two, they will be sold. I’m not in a rush to sell any of these bikes, especially the following two.

2012 Norco Shinobi

29er full suspension with 5" of travel front and rear. SRAM drivertrain, upgraded to Shimano Hydraulic brakes. This bike has been a fantastic bike, but I am upgrading and I need to pay for and make room for the new one. If I could keep any of the these bikes it would be this one.

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[attachment=1]2012 Norco Shinobi 2 (1).JPG[/attachment]

1970’s Iverson Banana Seat Bike

This one was a labour of love. Rescued and refurbished to it’s former glory this bike harkens back to much simpler times. This was a hoot to work on, but it really hasn’t been ridden or enjoyed as much as it should have been lately. Original paint with some new parts added (some of the chrome)

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[attachment=0]1975 Iverson-Stebler (6).JPG[/attachment]

I stress that although I don’t need to sell, I am looking to make room in my house, and could use some extra funds. All these bikes are well treated, and maintained as necessary. I can be reached at my email address for further questions, viewing or additional pictures.

All reasonably priced, and ready to ride…email for more information.