Bionicon C Guide

Check out this brilliant peice of engineering.

I’m considering getting one for my self. If anyone else would like to go in on one “one of these days” with me, please do let me know. Perhaps we can save on shipping and do a group buy


Such a simple design… one of those slap yer forehead “why didn’t I think of that” moments :expressionless:

In a pinch i tried replicating it with a bunch of zip ties… didn’t work quite as well :slight_smile:

Been there done that… circa 2003 ish

There are some benefits and some very big drawbacks with this type of guide.

  • generally economical
  • allows you to keep a fun range of gearing options
  • very light
  • easy to brake
  • easy to bend

That being said some it’s better then no guide!

I read the review on it they used it for a full year. It broke once, but then the company tweeked the design and made it more solid. It seems to have more pivot points than yours did so that might help out with bending/breaking.

I’ve read various reviews on the guide too, some very positive, others claiming it’s junk. Maybe it was just an older model but some claim the tubes ware out very fast. I’d recommend a basic bb or tab mounted guide over the C guide. The blackspire stingers for example are typically pretty reliable and cost effective. I don’t think they work for triple ring set ups thou, only single and doubles.

I’d be fine with it working on a double. I have to squish mine between my BB and frame but thats fine.

I’ve considered getting one of those myself but decided that I drop the chain so rarely it wasn’t really necessary. MEC carries them btw… but not stocked at the Halifax location… like a lot of the cooler bike products they have on their website.

Its the noise that agrivates me. I don’t drop chains that often either.

wide/narrow chainring will hang on to your chain better, and keep it from falling off. … rrow-wide/ … chainrings

I considered this product early last year until affordable clutch-type derailleurs became available. I’ve used both Shimano and Sram options with 2x10 setups and haven’t dropped a chain since.

I run a clutch derailleur with my 2x10 set-up and still drop my chain a few times each ride, however not enough to bother with guides. I think the clutch derailleurs help… but will never substitute for a proper or even partial guide.

The Bionicon guys do a great side by side of clutch deraillure alone, bionicon guide alone and then combined. Worth a watch.

But yeah, for me its all about noise and not dropped chains :slight_smile:

I’ve been running one of those for most of this year. I switched to a 2 x 10 at the beginning of the season and the chain was dropping alot plus alot of slap noise. This thing cured both those problems, and pretty durable so far.