Bird sanctuary

Might do a valley golf/mtb trip next weekend. Ive never done bird sanctuary. What style is it? Gravel or single track or kind of like shubie with off shoots of single track?

It’s a mix of single track and double track. It’s not on trailforks, and I find some of it is a little hard to figure out where you are or link together if you don’t know the trails well. I’d suggest trying to meet up with a local for a tour.


As @Jetter said it is a mix of single and double track, generally a bit smoother and flowier than other spots around the area, not much in the way of elevation change.

Access at the Bird Sanctuary is questionable and tentative, it seems like the official word is you’re not, not allowed to ride there. Maybe @Pepperjester has a better insight. That is why the majority of trails there are not on Trailforks.


Right on. I normally do gorge when im out this way which i love but wanted to try something new cuz ive heard guys talking about it on here.
Def sounds like it might be more of a place for a local tour like @Jetter says

You can park at evergreen home for special care and get direct access from there, or park at the bottom of Mitchell ave in kentville. Nothing is really marked in there so you’ll want to find a local for the most fun. You can ride it all in about an hour with minimal overlap of trails

Like just about any unofficial trail without signage having a guide with you will give you a much better experience and you shouldn’t have to much of a problem finding volunteers it that good.

My understanding of the current situation in the Bird Sanctuary is that hiking and biking are accepted uses but not officially approved if that makes sense.

Basically we’re not about to be kicked out but be on your best behaviour or we might. (good advice for all trails to be honest…)

I don’t know the current status getting a land use agreement in place. Some other people are looking in to that. I’m not sure where it was left off.


A couple of Gopro clips of favorite singletrack trails in Bird Sanctuary to give you the flavor. There’s also lots of doubletrack, so great for newbie mountain bikers.


Nice riding Eric!
Those two trails are some of my favorites too.

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Thanks Josh. :slight_smile: