Blaze Orange Jersey

I have an old Sugoi long sleeve jersey that has a blaze/hutner’s orange body but the sleeves are black. I haven’t been able to find a solid blaze orange long sleeve jersey anywhere, I’ve tried many company websites and some online retailers “house” brand clothing lines. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had a great Canary “solar orange” for a few years and almost tore the arm off on a stubby branch. I too had a really hard time replacing it. I did find a Sugoi at Cyclesmith last year but it is more for runners it seems, it does the trick. I don’t know if they are carrying them this year or not. I commute to work through the woods and have come across a bow hunter, bear hunters and most recently a fellow carrying in a bag full of bait apples, probably also for bear this time of year,so flying through the woods in black may not be such a good idea.
I bought the Canary from Love To Pedal on sale for $19us back when the dollar was at par. They seem to still carry a short sleeve in orange but no long sleeve. Let me know if you find one, I wouldn’t mind getting another.

Specialized has a couple of blaze (or “neon”) orange jerseys. The “RBX” is a sport cycling jersey, and the “Therminal” is a heavier weight “winter” jersey.

There are a few of these up on ebay, but they’re not cheap. About $100 for the RBX, and about $150 for the Therminal.

@Wayners you commute to work through the woods!? That’s pretty cool. Thanks @Rockhopper for the tip.

I thought about doing a custom order through Champion Systems and just get solid orange (Pantone #165c) or maybe something along the lines of this pattern:

So ugly I like it!

Primal Wear makes some pretty ugly kit, maybe they have something off the rack! :slight_smile:

I have a new found interest in some bright orange clothes, after a parking lot conversation with a random fellow that began with compliments on my Kuat NV bike rack, except his intended use would be to to put a piece of plywood on there to carry deer home…

Too fancy. Try this