Blomidon Park consultation

Direct form BNS:
“MTB Trail Alert: Please attend the Blomidon Park consultation next Tuesday, Nov 25, if you can, to support the concept of incorporating new MTB-open singletrack into the Park. Backstory: A new management plan is being developed for Blomidon, and under consideration is a new 550 acre parcel recently added to the Park. One of the possible uses is singletrack open to MTBs – if there is sufficient support. Needless to say, this would big step. If you cannot attend, more information and a feedback form are here!”
there’s an online survey as well:


Did anyone make it to the meeting? Curious to hear about their intentions toward mtb.

Almost no one showed up, it was really strange. I expected to see gobs of people at a meeting like this but there were maybe 20 people and 10 of then worked for the park.

Sounds like they may be open to more trails but it’s too early to tell. They didn’t say much about their goals and mostly wanted to know what the public had wants.

Of those who were at the meting that were not park staff it seems like that in general people were looking to see more trails, potentially some back country camping options, increased park access in the winter and general park improvements. All positive stuff in my opinion.

I suggest people fill out the survey and give you thoughts. With so few attending public meetings the survey might be their main source of feed back.

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