Blue Mountain Birch Cove - A National Urban Park!

It’s official! National, Provincial and Municipal politicians and stakeholders gathered today to announce that Blue Mountain Birch Cove is being designated as a National Urban Park.

Lena Diab, Member of Parliament for Halifax West; Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Member of Parliament for Halifax; Darren Fisher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Seniors and Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour; HRM Mayor Mike savage; and several members of council were in attendance.

CBC and Global were at the press conference. So, check local media later today for more information.

We all owe a dept of gratitude to Friends of Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. These two amazing groups have put in significant time and finances to help bring this dream to fruition.

The announcement is nothing but good news. An area where we have ridden for years will now be preserved. The mountain bike community, if we present as a strong and unified front, has the opportunity to consult on, an affect, trail development. Mountain Bike Halifax is honoured to be asked to have a voice as one of a dedicated group of local partners.

To the misanthropic armchair whiners out there who gain some perverse pleasure out of criticism at every turn, I’ll say this… you will not wake up tomorrow and find new trails for you to ride, just because you feel you are entitled. Projects like this take time. But if you have energy and would like to help make a difference, join or volunteer with one of the several groups who are working to help bring this project to fruition.


Good news. Been years since I was up there.

It is definitely good news. I have enjoyed being able to hike in that area.

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It’s a bypass. You gotta make bypasses.