Blue Mountain WPA Places

Looking at the google photos of Blue Mountain Wilderness Protection area, I see photos of place I’ve never been to. Anyone been to these spots?

Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area - Google Search

#1 Cabin

#2 Adirondack Chairs
(I think this is Blue Mountain summit.)

#3 Graffiti Walls
(Is this even in Blue Mountain area?)

#4 Old Hearth

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Took me a while to copy paste these photos because Google Maps would not allow me to link to them or copy them.

Also related to the area and general curiosity, the Strava heat map shows someone taking Green Mile to Masqua / Evil Birch enough for it to be visible:

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Yes the adirondack chair pic is the top of blue mountain.

The grafitti wall is likely somewhere else. The sewer grate means it’s somewhere closer to the peninsula. Looks like York Redoubt park.

That route between Green mile and Maskwa is used by hikers/trail runners. I recall @fish running that route on strava a while back.

Regarding the stone fireplace and the log cabin, they are both marked on this map of the Maskwa trails, near Charlie’s lake.

Let’s go recon ride!

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its all shit riding in there. Sucks for hiking too since the trails were all made so poorly.

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