Bluff Trails

Is this trail system only for hiking, or are you allowed to bike through?

They have a sign posted “No Bikes” and honestly it is too rough.

Maybe on other side of lake though there are some ATV trails. They dead end eventually, I think though.

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Like Jeff said, the Bluff is off limits. The group that maintains it is very active and diligent about protecting it.

The trail on the other side of the lake is not protected though, and is a pretty good ride, but only a few kilometers long. It doesn’t really feel like an ATV trail and there’s some nice granite stretches in there which are always fun.

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Sounds good, thank you for the response!

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The trail on the other side of the lake is also technically off limits since it’s mostly in the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area. Since ATV access to it was blocked several years ago, it has been slowly reverting to nature. It did extend all the way to the far end of the lake and I’ve hiked it a number of times as an alternate way into the second loop of the Bluff Trails. It’s only rideable about half way now before it gets too overgrown.

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I seen the trailhead off the BLT befere but never really though much of it. Did a quick search of it but was unsure about whether it was solely hiking or not.

The trailhead for Bluff Trails has a bike rack so you can cycle to the trail and then go hiking, but as mentioned, they are adamant about no bikes on the trail.

It must be a panacea for them without bikes. :wink: /sarc


I did question the local councilor Iain Rankin about possibly opening it up to riding, he said

…the narrow passage ways and large granite outcroppings might not be the best terrain for mixed use…

sounds terrible

and of course its controlled by a strong faction of the THM so poach with caution.