BMX Racing Track for Kids

Has there ever been talk about putting in a race track? Kids are missing out. Its such a great sport to teach kids how to handle the bike, boost some competition and get the little X-Box fiends outside and active.


There was a push a couple years ago to get a track built in Eastern Passage, but I don’t think they were ever able to raise enough money. The website and facebook presence has disappeared. BNS has a bunch of dead links to the site/facebook on their website.

There does look like something is being built in the area where it was planned, looks more like a pumptrack and some jumps though. @nimzie? Your work? or @TrailFlow ?,+Eastern+Passage,+NS+B3G+1J3/@44.6072136,-63.4758025,131m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4b5a3d17d705a4b5:0xad555c41d1b4f01c!8m2!3d44.609163!4d-63.4739763?hl=en

That was Adams project, I believe it is more of a DJ and pump park, but I haven’t been myself.

The closest thing to BMX racing we have in Nova Scotia is 4X racing in Kentville. It’s pretty similar but on a rougher more mountain bike style course that runs downhill rather then generally flat like a BMX track. Next scheduled race is August 19, but we may toss one extra one in before then.

There is a BMX track in New Brunswick in Dieppe, I raced there in the fall. It was pretty fun. Will do again when I have a chance.


Hey @Slider! Long time!!!
Yea this is a funny one. The project was put together by a group called epbmx, however early on in the process when more of a slopestyle / DJ design was presented in tandem with something pretty “racey” they chose the more freeride style option. Then the project went away for a year or more.
Then one day we got a call to come do the park, and that week (election year) however we had to change the design cause at the last second the park was moved to what’s essentially a flat location (we didn’t want that). The orig location was on the hill right where the new fancy high school was placed.
It’s more of a jump / pump park. It’s really fun but one of the drains backed up again and will have to get the full monty dig up this year if we’re heading over. We ended up having to build in a super tight deadline and one of those 100 year rain storms happened mid-build. :slight_smile:
Gotta love Maritime weather! What’s weird is getting used to it, though … ha.
Will post up once we’ve had a tour through and done our annual there. It’s SUPER fun when it’s running tops.


Pump tracks are great for kids, especially if you can teach them how to pump and rail the berms.

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I agree 100%. I think they’re about the best skill-building areas possible for bikes. Low consequence unless you’re well practiced and can fly. If you can fly on a pump track, you can take that knowledge to trails and get loads of free jam :slight_smile:

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Skills I’m still working on. Just call me a big kid! :smiley: